Bells Line of Road Lookouts and Attractions

Blue mountains Glow Worm Tours are located in the heart of the World Heritage Blue mountains Wilderness. Many visitors who join our evening Glow Worm Tours are not familiar with the area and might not realise where to go to see the stunning scenery and local attractions. We have compiled the following list of hand-picked lookouts, attractions and restraunts that are easily accessible if you driving to do an evening Glow Worm Tour in Berambing.

Each attraction listed below has a photo, description, location link to Google Maps Directions so that you can easily navigate to each one with your smart phone.

Bells Line of Road Lookouts and Attractions

Most attractions listed below are literally on the side of bells Line of Road. A small number are a little further of the main track but are so beautiful we thought they are a must see for anyone visiting the region.

Suggestion: Leave a couple hours early to get to the Glow Worm Tour meeting point. Wiyth plenty of time, stop off along Bells Line of Road for an enjoyable afternoon sight-seeing. This side of the Blue Mountains is quiet and you will most-likely not find a soul at any of these attractions. Its time to enjoy the peace and quiet and experience world-class views!

Mt Charles Lookout

Scarcely-visited, sweeping views of the Northern Blue Mountains

Be prepared for expansive views of rugged Blue Mountains scenery from one of the most interesting lookouts along Bells line of Road. Mt Charles offers one of the premier vantage points of the city from anywhere in the Blue Mountains, and on a clear afternoon, you can see the Sydney skyline framed by countless layers of mountains and cliffs. This exceptional lookout is virtually unknown and rarely visited, yet sits a mere a 30m walk from Bells Line of Road.

Late afternoon is particularly spectacular, as the views of Mt Tomah and the Explorers Range become lit up by the final golden rays of the setting sun.

Location: Mt Charles, few Kilometres west of Mt Tomah

End of the Earth Wollemi Lookout

Journey to the edge of Wollemi Wilderness for a glimpse at vast, endless world of mountains and canyons.

Journey to the edge of Wollemi Wilderness for a glimpse at vast, endless world of mountains and canyons.

Location: Mountain Lagoon

Geometric Rock Formations

Interesting circular rock patterns frame a grand view over the upper Grose Valley.

Situated only a minute walk from Bells Line of Road is a set of intricate rock formations. Ironstone banding and erosion over millions of years have created unique concentric circles that appear in neatly aligned geometric patterns. Perched on a rock outcrop overlooking the cliffs of the Grose Valley, this rare geological feature is a must see if you are travelling along Bells Line of Road. Large flat rock areas make for an ideal location for a picnic.

Location: Near the intersection of Bells Line of Road and Mt Wilson Road

Bellbird Hill Lookout

One of the few lookouts in the Blue mountains where you can see the Sydney skyline and entire city.

The perfect lookout to watch the city lights at night.

Location: Kurrajong Heights

Vale of Avoca Lookout

Vale of Avoca lookout peers into the belly of the lower Grose Valley, offering a glimpse of the hostile terrain faced by some of the early European explorers. This is a particularly mountainous viewpoint - the lookout hang in the middle of the valley, surrounded by an amphitheatre of complex ridges climbing up on all sides. It is thought that when explorers came to this very location, upon seeing what lay before them, quickly sought a more easier route around. Its no wonder that the area beyond these mountains was named “The Devils Wilderness”.

Below the lookout the Grose River makes it’s final run through the mountain before meeting the Nepean river down in the lowlands. Glimpses of the river can be see through the trees from the right spot on the cliffs.

Location: Grose Vale

Walls Lookout

Walk out to the edge of a sheer overhang and look down into the valley of the Grose River. This is one of the most commanding and easily accessed Lookouts in the upper Grose and is well worth the 1.5km walk from the carpark. A shortcut can be found by driving to the Pierces Pass Picnic Area and following the foottrack behind the toilets.

Location: Near the intersection of Bells Line of Road and Mt Wilson Road

Mt Banks Picnic Area

A 2km drive off Bells Line of Road brings you to a lovely picnic area with amenities. There are good views from the carpark and a couple of obvious viewpoints along the side of the road as you drive in. From the picnic area you can commence walks to the Mt Banks Summit and Banks Walls Lookout

Location: Mt Banks

Banks Walls Lookout

For the more adventurous type, the Banks Walls Lookout offers a medium grade 12km return hike circumnavigating the base of Mt Banks. The reward is well worth the effort, providing some of the most dramatic, up-close views of the soaring cliffs of Mt Banks and the Upper Grose Valley. Walkers have the option to summit Mt Banks on either the forward or return trip. Note: Mt Banks summit does not have clear views – best views are from Banks Walls Lookout.

Location: Mt Banks

Rigby Hill

From the carpark at Pierces Pass Picnic Area, take the alternative track to Rigby Hill. This is a sure way to experience the dramatic Upper Grose Cliffs. Rigby Hill sits like a cone above the Grose Valley and offers great views from the top.

50min return walk

Location: Pierces pass Carpark

Emu Cave and The Cave Hotel

Perched only meters from the road surface, this interesting cave has many Emu Footprints carved across the walls. Further rock carvings are evident in the surrounding area. A well preserved 1870’s inscription above the entrance to the cave reads “The Cave Hotel…”. It has been speculated that the cave was rented out to drovers in the earlier days of Bells Line of Road. Note: Be careful accessing this feature due to its close proximity to the main road.

Location: A few kilometres West of Mt Tomah

Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine Scenic Drive

About 9km off Bells Line of Road is the quaint Mountain Village of Mt Wilson. At times you could be forgiven thinking you were in the wet tropics as you drive through lush, green montane rainforest. The rich volcanic soils of Mt Wilson combined with the wet mountain climate has created large swathes of beautiful thick rainforest. Drive your way all the way to Mt Irvine or take a stroll around one of the many heritage gardens open in the area.

Location: Mt Wilson